Our organic genuine leather differs heavily from conventional leather. In all steps of production, from animal husbandry to tanning and in-house wastewater disposal, emphasis is placed on the highest ecological and quality standards. That is why we are proud to say that with our leather straps, we can present you the most environmental- and health-compatible leather straps from industrial production.

Its subtle elegant appearance, its pleasant grip and its tart-fresh scent are the result of a manufacturing process which combines traditional tanneries with modern technical procedures. We only use heavy metal-free paints. Everything that harms the health or the environment is dispensed with. Due to its naturalness our leather get's a natural patina through light, time and touch.
We think that naturalness mustn’t be hidden and that individuality is a sign of quality. That is why our leather also shows marks of an entire cow life and is neither embossed nor sealed with plastics.
Instead of using chrome, the leather is purely vegetable tanned, thus it remains a noble and safe product of nature. It can be seen as one of the most environmental- and skin-friendly leathers on the market. The worn-out straps are compostable to close the ecological material cycle and avoid waste.